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Last updated 01/25/04
Added Grateful Dead 2-24-74
Added String Cheese 3-22-03
Added String Cheese 7-4-03
Keller Williams
String Cheese Incident
Dead, Jerry, Phil, Other Ones
Dr. Didg, DMB

This is a collection of CD covers I designed 'cause it's fun. Feel free to borrow and modify as you please. Just don't try to sell any of this, please. (As if anyone would buy it!)

Most of the time, I design covers for normal-sized jewel cases that hold two discs. That's why it says "two discs, one cover" in the tables. For three-disc shows, sometimes discs 1 & 2 go together; sometimes discs 2 & 3. (Maybe someday I'll get weird and do 1 & 3 together.) Where more than one cover is mentioned but only one is shown, the unshown ones are similar. Your set lists may vary by disc, depending on the source of your recording.

I use a variety of tools to create these. Photoshop is my main tool, but there's also FontTwister and IrfanView and a variety of fractal programs and bunch of web sites and clip art collections that served as borrowing sources and inspiration. You may need to shrink the images a bit after you unzip them, to resize for printing. My assumption is that you have a template lying around that you can use to prep them for printing. As my methods change over time, so do the covers' formats... the more recent ones are full page files made with Neato templates, the older ones are just the covers themselves.

I'll be adding things now and then, so check back infrequently. My goal is to create a cover for every show I have on CD. On rare occasions I can take special requests (like, you send me a show, I design a cover for it). Questions, comments, requests, email me!

em (underscore) covers (at) bristor (dot) net

Keller Williams 4-21-99 (thanks to SCI Fidelity!), one disc, one cover, 334K.
Keller Williams with SCI 8-12-00, 2 discs, one cover, 279K.
Keller Williams, 10-18-00, two discs, one cover, 513K.

I finally made a really nice Keller cover :-)
String Cheese Incident 4-20-96, 2 discs, one cover, 210K.
String Cheese Incident 12-28-99, 4 discs, two covers, 1074K. Caveat Emptor: this set will only really look good printed on glossy paper!
String Cheese Incident 6-24-00, 3 discs, one front and two backs for the jewel cases, 472K. There's just one front for all the discs; you'll need to print two of them.
String Cheese Incident 7-12-00, three discs, two covers. Nice jazzy show. 373K.
String Cheese Incident Horning's Hideout in Oregon, 7-14-00, three discs, two covers, 567K. (There's also a cover for the Dr. Didg set from the same night.)
All three of these covers (7-14, 7-15 and 7-16) are parts of the same fractal.
String Cheese Incident 7-15-00, six discs, three covers, 954K.
String Cheese Incident 7-16-00, three discs, two covers, 554K.
String Cheese Incident 10-26-00, three discs, two covers, 728K.
String Cheese Incident 10-27-00, three discs, two covers, 404K. This is a smokin' good show.
String Cheese Incident 10-31-00, four discs, two covers, 351K.
String Cheese Incident, 3-22-03, four discs, two covers, 1069K.
String Cheese Incident, 5-24-03, three discs, two covers, 341K.
String Cheese Incident, 5-25-03, three discs, two covers, 377K.
String Cheese Incident, Fourth of July 2003, three discs, two covers, 548K.

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